Package org.gjt.rec.util

Interface Summary
ObjectFactory Generic interface for treating objects that create other objects polymorphically.
ObjectPool.Listener The interface implemented by objects that wish to be notified when they are removed from an object pool.
Settings Settings is a shorter word for Properties.
SettingsListener SettingsListener is implemented by an object that wants to be notified when a settings object is changed.
Stack A stack is an ordered list, where only the top element can be inspected or removed.

Class Summary
AbstractSettings Implements listener support for implementations of the Settings interface.
ArrayIterator An Iterator that iterates over the elements of an array.
Arrayz A toolbox full of tools for manupulating arrays.
BaseSettings BaseSettings is a default implementation of the Settings interface.
Booleans A toolbox of tools that work with boolean and Boolean.
ClassComparator Comparator that compares classes using their names.
EmptyEnumeration An enumeration with no elements.
EmptyIterator An iterator with no elements.
Enum Base class implementing all Enum features.
EnumerationIterator An iterator that iterates over the elements in an Enumeration.
HomogeneousList A List proxy that enforces the invariant that all of its list elements are of the same type.
ListStack A implementation of the Stack interface that uses a list to store its elements.
ObjectPool This class implements an object pool.
ResourceSettings Presents the contents of a resource bundle through the Settings interface.
SettingsEvent Instances of this class describe changes to settings objects.
SettingsEvent.Type This class holds all the possible types of a SettingsEvent.
ToStringComparator Comparator that uses the toString() methods of objects to compare them.

Exception Summary
DuplicateEnumIdException Thrown to indicate that another Enum instance has already been constructed for the specified class and id.
NonExistentEnumException Thrown during Enum deserialization if an id is found that does not map onto one of the declared Enum ids for the class in question.
ObjectPool.NotPooledException Thrown to indicate that an object that was supposed to be contained in this object pool is in fact not.
PackingException A checked exception that wraps another exception.