REC is a bunch of extra classes for the Java platform. The classes are not functionally related, otherwise this would be a library. Instead it's all the little classes that save a few lines of added complexity if you know they're available. Things like EmptyEnumeration and ToStringComparator.

Hence the name. REC is just a bunch of extra classes.

REC is licensed under the terms of the LGPL. The full terms of this license can be found at the LGPL page on the GNU web site or in the LICENSE file that comes with the distribution.

From here, you can follow the path to the REC javadoc, or the REC HOWTO whether you're looking at this page on the internet or not.

The latest version of REC can be downloaded from the REC project page on sourceforge.

REC is brought to you with the help of Ant. JUnit does its best to ensure that REC does what you expect it to.

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